Travel Outtakes: Sicily Edition

Travel outtakes….where do I even start? I was going to start with the standard missteps, like accidentally booking an Airbnb in Palermo that didn’t look like it had been cleaned this decade and when the “wardrobe” promised in the room description turned out be a length of chain suspended on the wall with some plastic clothes hangers on it.

Actually, maybe that is a good place to start, because what was awesome was the unplanned awesomeness that came out of that, like discovering a beautiful (clean!) and spacious Airbnb right in the centre of historic Palermo. Sitting on the balcony drinking wine out a tumbler and not even caring about the mosquitoes because sometimes its worth getting bitten to sit in the warmth, sipping a Sicilian insolia and reading a good book.

Or discovering your hosts are traditional Sicilian musicians and being invited to join them for a performance, for which the only other guests is a coach party of elderly Isrealis. And although you think that you’re pretty much too cool for this kind of hokiness, you find yourselves getting wrapped up in it all the same.

Or taking your hosts dinner recommendation over (another) glass of wine and cigarette, so you go and find this hidden away little barbeque in a slightly run down square, where you eat some of the most delicious food accompanied by blaring pop music from a deserted plastic bar and the giggles of a group of women who come to share your table.
Or it’s discovering how beautiful the centre of Sicily is, because you decide on the spur of the moment to take a bus trip across the island to the gorgeousness that is Ortygia to see a friend. And when you’re there you’re caught in crazy rains, but’s there’s worse ways to spend an afternoon than drinking Prosecco and watching it come down like rods.

The look I have when I’ve spent an hour blow-drying my hair and realise I’m going to be soaked in approximately 2 minutes once I leave the house.

Because let’s be honest, 99% of the time travelling is a wonderful opportunity we’re lucky to experience, so even the outtakes are pretty good.

This is part of the February travel linkup, which you can find hosted over at Emma’s, Angie’s, Eppie’s or Polly’s blogs at the start of each month.


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