Discovering Baltimore’s Inner Harbour 

The Stars and Stripes flying on the top of Federal Hill 

The first time I was sent to Baltimore , not going to lie, the only thing I thought of was scenes from The Wire. (Which for anyone hasn’t watched it, is a brilliant drama about the drug trade, an angle which, as you might expect, gives a rather  gritty view of the city.)
But there’s a reason Baltimore gets called Charm City and a walk around the harbour shows that off. The historic centre of Baltimore clusters around the inner harbour.

I’ve certainly learned the more than the odd bit of American history – so join me for a quick photo diary tour around the harbour.

Federal Hill

Federal Hill from across the harbour

This has the most gorgeous views over downtown and the volleyball courts on Rash Field.

Inner Harbour

Looking at downtown across the harbour.

Once you’ve taken all the photos and climbed down the approximately 1500 steps that lead up to the top of the hill, you’re right beside the water.
I love the architecture here – the way the shapes merge into something like a semi abstract painting.

And there are unexpected surprises like discovering these adorable pedalos.

And there’s the historical ships – including one with a decidedly piratical appearance, which sits just slightly incongruously in front of a low-rise shopping centre.

Then you come to the Aquaruim, and the former power plant, which now houses a giant Barnes and Noble, along with some restaurants.

By the way these photos were taken during three trips to Baltinore over the last year, so that’s why there’s snow, summer sunshine and winter time views. 


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