Lunch at the Lion & Lobster, Brighton

A crisp and sunny midday walk along Hove Beach inevitably led to the question “I’m feeling a bit peckish, do you fancy a bite to eat?” To which the answer was obviously a yes, and we headed to one of my favourite Brighton pubs, The Lion and Lobster.

The pub is a bit like Aladdin’s cave, with lots of different areas, from a more formal dining room with table service, to the pub area downstairs, which is a lot more casual. We took a seat there, nestled into a comfy corner which was decorated with old photos of Brighton and festive fairy lights.

I started off kidding myself that I was going for a “light bite” until I perused their menu properly and it was obvious I was going for a full on meal. I’d had their veggie selection board before, so decided that I wanted to try their charcuterie board this time, while my mum went for the mac n cheese.

Obviously we couldn’t go thirsty either, so ordered a delicious French sauvignon blanc, which was a bargain at £19 for the bottle. It was fresh and crisp, with lovely subtle notes – a bit less robust than the New Zealand sauvs that are my standby, which made for a nice pairing with our food choices.

My Butcher’s board was huge – not going to lie I needed some help finishing it off! It had a duck liver pate, harissa chicken wings, spicy chorizo in a tomato sauce, salami, Parma ham, garlic sausage, a generous tub of olives and some delicious freshly baked bread. My favourites were the chorizo, Parma ham and the pate, although all of it was so good. It’s obvious that they only use really good quality ingredients, and I’d definitely order this again.

My mum’s mac n cheese was perfectly glutinous and squidgy – ideal comfort food for winter (or, let’s be honest, any other time of year!). The sauce was very cheesy and flavourful and it came with some pizza-style garlic bread. I might have stolen a slice and eaten it topped with the chorizo (no wonder I was full!).

The service was good too, friendly and efficient – will definitely be heading back here again this year, perhaps for one of their excellent Sunday roasts.

Overall, our meal came to about £45 for two substantial main courses and a bottle of good wine.

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3 thoughts on “Lunch at the Lion & Lobster, Brighton

  1. Looks delicious! On a recent outing to a pub in Scotland I went for the Mac’n’cheese and what a brilliant idea! I had never had pub mac ‘n’ cheese before and it was heavenly..and decadent haha! And the wine sounds delicious – sauvignon blanc is my absolute favourite!


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