DC As a Snowy Winter Wonderland

White House

Last year I went to the east coast just after that massive snow storm – and got rewarded with seeing DC as a snow wrapped winter wonderland.

It was a perfect day to explore too – the storm had passed and it was a beautiful blue-skyed day of about 20 degrees, so after negotiating the easiest to understand subway I’ve ever used I walked down to the White House and the National Mall.

washington monument

The Washington Monument looked gorgeous against the snow.


I’d definitely love to come back one day and see these cherry trees in bloom.


Walking along to the Lincoln Memorial I basically felt like I was in an episode of Bones (not going to lie, one of the reasons I went to DC was because I like the show so much!).


The Lincoln Memorial looking gorgeous in its icy surrounds.

lincoln memorial statue

Inside the Lincoln Memorial was this imposing statue.

view from lincoln memorial

It was definitely worth the icy walk to get to savour this view!

After this I walked back past the Korean War Memorial – the scale of which was quite incredible – and towards the museumey part of the National Mall. This was definitely a lot more walking than it looked like on the map, so although I had a quick dip into the Natural History Museum (unfortunately the butterfly exhibition I wanted to see was closed), I decided to leave the museums for another day and just enjoy the views over the mall with a cup of coffee and some food from one of the food trucks.

national sculpture garden

The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden was well worth a walk around – I loved this house sculpture.


One of the museums looking very gothic. When I got the Capitol, it was mainly covered in scaffoliding and there was a lot of construction work going on in front of it, so it wasn’t quite so photogenic as the rest of the Mall!

This was definitely a real life Winter Wonderland experience for me! If you’re interested in more winter and festive travel posts check out this month’s Travel Linkup. 

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