Why I’m Obssessed with Gellert Spa, Budapest

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When I say I love Gellert Spa in Budapest I’m not exaggerating – I might have visited 3 times in just under 18 months. So, what makes me quite so obsessed with the place?

The place looks pretty fine from the outside – and the hotel attached to the spa was the inspiration for the Grand Hotel Budapest. It’s definitely the kind of place you could imagine some mysterious bohemian romance going on in the first half of the twentieth century.

Gellert hotel and spa
Nothing prepared me for how simply gorgeous the entrance hall is:

Gellert spa entrance mosaic
Just a casual swan mosaic
Gellert spa stained glass
The dome of the entrance hall is filled with these beautiful stained glass windows

Once you’re inside, it’s like you’re completed cocooned away from all the stresses of the world. My favourite thing to do in Budapest is while away the day lounging on the balcony above the pool or outside  on the sun terrace.

Gellert spa view from the sun terrace
View from a sun terrace lounger
Gellert spa inside
Just looking at this photo makes me feel relaxed!

The outside area has a big pool with a wave machine – very cool to look at, but way too freaking cold for me to go in deeper than my knees!

Gellert spa wave pool
Gellert spa’s outdoor wave pool

I’m definitely more of a hot pool kinda girl, which is lucky as stepping into one of the four indoor hot pools is like being in a living work of art. Relaxing in the 40 degree pool, looking at the gorgeous mosaics, I float off into my own world and get out with all the stress soaked out of my body.

Gellert spa indoor hot pools

I often tend to wake up early when I’m away, and a couple of times I’ve gotten to the pools early enough to have them all to myself, which is an absolutely magical experience.

And did I mention that in between dips and visits to the steam rooms you avail yourself of the bar and an Aperol spritz or two?

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Top Tips: Spend the extra couple of pounds to get a private cubicle rather than using the communal changing room, which can get very crowded. If you’re planning on hanging out there for a while (which you should btw), the cabin area is right by the main pool, making it super easy to fetch stuff or put your valuables away.

In the summer, get there in the morning to bag a sun lounger and a parasol.

The cafe kiosk in the hall serves really delicious biscuits too!


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